• The Good Citizen



    The Good Citizen

    Presented by SRT's Stage Two
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    7 - 12 Sept 2004

    Cynthia Han is a Nominated Member of Parliament and a successful architect in her own right. She is a shining example of a Singaporean who loves her country with a deep passion. When her industrialist husband passes away, the perfect world around her begins to crumble and even her loved ones begin to transform before her very eyes. Values are put to the test in this thought-provoking and relevant drama, written by Dick Lee. Directed by Christian Huber, The Good Citizen stars Koh Chieng Mun.

    Cast: Zakim Albakari, Amy Cheng, Brenden Fernandez, Koh Chieng Mun, Loke Loo Pin, Elizabeth Tan

    Creative Team:
    Playwright: Dick Lee
    Director: Christian W. Huber
    Production Designer: Paul Tan
    Lighting Designer: Suven Chan
    Sound Designer: Varian Tan
    Stage Manager: Andy Tan


  • An Immaculate Misconception


    An Immaculate Misconception

    Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    17 Nov - 4 Dec 2004

    Dr Prudence Tam, still just on the right side of 40, is desperate to conceive but also to try out her latest invention. She, herself, is an expert in the field of reproductive technology. Things become complicated when the man whose sperm she secretly uses, discover he is to become a father...

    Cast: Beatrice Chia, Daniel Hutchison, Joe McGann and Oliver Tobias.

    Creative Team:
    Playwright: Carl Djerassi
    Director: Isabella Gregor
    Set Designer: Walter Vogelweider
    Lighting Designer: Suven Chan
    Sound Designer: Darren Ng
    Multimedia Designer: Martin Richard Coster

  • Dracula




    Presented by SRT's The Young Co.
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    31 Aug - 1 Sep 2004

    Johnathan Harker sets out on a business trip to Transylvania leaving his fiancee; Mina counting the days until his return. The events that follow merge their lives with that of Count Dracula, whose diabolical passions prey upon the innocent, the helpless and the beautiful.

    Cast: Anton Chan, Jacqueline Chow, Brandon Ho, Kate Howden, Luke Kwek, Brian Liau, Mariel Reyes, Elizabeth Tan, Leslie Tan, Josephine Tan, Serene Tan, Tan Shou Chen, Sarah Tiapula-Stien and Tong Wei May.

    Creative Team:
    Writer: Liz Lochead
    Director: Mark Waite
    Assistant Director: Carina Hales
    Stage Manager: Carina Hales
    Lighting Designer: Thio Lay Hoon
    Sound Designer: Annabel Ling


  • Grandma's Journey



    Grandma's Journey

    A charming play about learning to do things for the first time

    Presented by SRT's The Little Company
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    31 Jan - 21 Feb 2004

    Grandma Rose is waiting for a taxi to arrive to take her to the airport. She is flying to America to see her 5 year-old grandson for the first time. While waiting, she shows off the gifts that she has bought for him - toy cars, buses, trains - each suitcase has a bigger and more exciting present. She shows children how people used to travel in the past, the present and how they will in the future. But Grandma Rose has never been on an airplane and needs your help to calm her nerves; it reminds her of how afraid and excited she felt on her first day at school.

    Cast: Karen Tan

    Creative Team:
    Playwright and Director: Tracie Pang
    Set Designer: Sebastian Zeng
    Lighting Designer: Suyen Chan
    Stage Manager: Debra Stych




  • Little Victories



    Little Victories

    A play about life and friendship

    Presented by SRT's The Little Company
    DBS Arts Centre- Home of SRT
    19 - 29 August 2004

    Tony thinks that life is tough until he meets Josie on a family holiday. Their chance meeting changes everything and Tony learns to grow up a bit and stop being selfish, in a roller-coaster ride of life-changing events that us at once hilarious and heartrending.

    Cast:Chermaine Ang, Luke Kwek, Cynthia Lee, Ben Matthews, Darren Seah, Josephine Tan.

    Creative Team:
    Written By: Shaun Prendergast
    Co-Directors: Tracie Pang and Debra Stych
    Lighting and Production Designer: Tracie Pang
    Sound Designer and Music Composer: Darren Ng
    Stage Manager: Suraya Ab Rasid





  • Rumpelstiltskin




    A fairty tale for children of all ages

    Presented by SRT's The  Little Company
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    20 Nov - 12 Dec 2004

    Bonnie, Riley and Derek are preparing for the birthday celebrations of Prince Edward, the very same child who was promised away years before his birth to the conniving Rumpelstiltskin. The three act out the story bringing to life all the characters within the play.

    Cast: Daren Tan, Josephine Tan, Phin Wong

    Creative Team:
    Written By: Shaun Prendergast
    Director: Mark Waite
    Lighting Designer: Suven Chan
    Set Designer: Walter Vogelweider
    Multimedia Designer: Martin Richard Coster
    Sound Designer and Music Composer: Darren Ng
    Stage Manager: Neelam Chugh




  • The Odd Couple


    The Odd Couple

    Presented by The Singapore Repertory Theatre
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    28 Jan - 21 Feb 2004

    Two of  Singapore’s finest actors, Adrian Pang (Hamlet, Barefoot in The Park) and Remesh Panicker (Art, Proof - Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, ST Life! Theatre Awards 2002), come together to take on the legendary comic roles of Oscar and Felix.

    After its stage debut in 1965, The Odd Couple was released as a movie in 1967 starring Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon, and has gone on to become a classic, both on stage and on screen. 

    Newly divorced Oscar Madison, a beer-guzzling, poker-playing sports reporter with limited house-keeping skills, invites his friend Felix Ungar to stay. There’s only one hitch: Felix is a compulsively tidy hypochondriac, whose neurotic ways have found free reign after his wife unexpectedly throws him out.

    It’s a mis-match made in heaven for fans of witty dialogue. 

    Cast: Gerald Chew, Beatrice Chia, Christian J. Lee, Remesh Panicker, Adrian Pang, Darius Tan, Mark Waite, Emma Yong

    Creative Team:
    Playwright: Neil Simon
    Director: Christian W. Huber
    Production Designer: Sebastian Zeng
    Lighting Designer: Suven Chan
    Stage Manager: Lin Shiyun


  • The Woman in Black


    The Woman in Black

    Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre
    with the support of The Shaw Foundation and
    DBS Black Card
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    4 Jul - 4 Aug 2004

    A lawyer obsessed with a curse that he believes has been cast over him and his family by the spectre of a 'Woman in Black', engages a sceptical young actor to help him tell his terrifying story and exorcise the fear that grips his soul.

    It all begins innocently enough, but then, as they reach further into his darkest memories, they find themselves caught up in a world of eerie marshes and moaning winds. The borders between make-believe and reality begin to blur and the flesh begins to creep...

    Cast: Robin Herford, Damien Matthews

    Creative Team:
    Playwright: Stephen Mallatratt
    Author: Susan Hill
    Director: Robin Herford
    Designer: Michael Holt
    Lighting Designer: Kevin Sleep
    Sound Designer: Rod Mead
    Associate Lighting Designer: Matt Drury
    Company Manager: Brad Fitt
    Sound Engineer: Steve Otis Gunn
    Deputy Stage Manager: Holly Pearce
    Understudy/Asst Stage Manager: Andrew P Stephen
    Vision Productions: Karianne Flaathen

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