• Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress (2006)


    Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress (2006)

    Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre
    Esplanade Theatre
    8 -30 Sep 2006

    Kate Carl, an American artist, is invited to paint the portrait of the Empress of China, Tzu Hsi. When she arrives in China she hears many rumours about the Empress. She also meets George Morrison, an English journalist. He tells her not to be intimidated. Kate begins the portrait and while she paints the Empress tells her about her life...

    The Empress, known as Yehenara as a young girl, was a concubine in the Forbidden City. She desperately wanted to be chosen by the Emperor to be his escort. And she was, indeed, chosen. After three months she became pregnant. She was then taken to the Summer Palace where she gave birth to a son, Tung Chih. This was the Emperor's first son and very important to the dynasty. However, as was the custom, the baby was taken away from Yehenara to be brought up by the court. Prince Tun, the Emperor's brother, was devastated by the birth of Tung Chih as he had plans to take the throne for himself. However, whilst still at the Summer Palace, the British attacked and destroyed the Palace. The Royal party fled to Jahol. But the Emperor was much weakened and lay dying. Yehenara knew that if he died without naming Tung Chih as his heir Prince Tun would claim the throne and her son's life and her own life would be in grave danger. She found her son and rushed to the Emperor's chamber. No one could stop her while she was carrying the Emperor's son. With his last breath the Emperor named Tung Chih as his successor and Yehenara as Regent.

    But Tung Chih grew up to be a rebellious young man. He was tempted by Prince Tuan, the son of Prince Tun, to go to the brothels. Indulging his new-found freedom he became ill with syphilis. Yehenara was helpless to do anything but wipe his feverish brow with her handkerchief as he died. Again Prince Tun saw a chance for power but again was thwarted as Yehenara quickly named her nephew, Kuang Hsu, as the next Emperor.

    All this time Kate has been writing to Morrison about all these events. He is amazed that the Empress is being so open and notes that the stories the Empress has told Kate contradict all the rumours he has heard. The Empress continues her story...

    She tells Kate that Kuang Hsu became an ambitious Emperor, determined to reform China. But this lead to the Boxer rebellion and China was crippled by the internal conflict. Despite everything Yehenara has tried to do, she is surrounded by loss and failure.

    Kate meets with Morrison. She is falling in love and Morrison continues to be fascinated by everything she tells him about the Empress. The day arrives when Kate is to show the Empress the completed portrait. But the Empress is furious...

    What has happened? What has become of her story? Where will it end? And is this the end of China itself?

    Cast: Kit Chan, Richard Chia, George Chan, Kaylen Chan, Presslee Chng, Hal Fowler, Sheila Francisco, Luke Kwek, Jovan Lee, Hossan Leong, Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie, Leigh McDonald, Joel Ng, Ng Kit Chong, Dillon Ong, Oliver Pang, R J Rosales, Russell Marino Soh, Celine Rosa Tan, Sebastian Tan.

    Ensemble: Kaylen Chan, Richard Chia, Gordon Choy, Joanna Dong, Farhan Hassan, Edric Hsu, Luke Kwek, Cedric Lim, Andrew Lua,, Dunstan Ong, Juliet Pang, Oliver Pang, Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie, Jacqueline Pereira, Candice de Rozario, Seong Hui Xuan, Celine Rosa Tan and , Eleanor Tan.

    Creative Team:
    Music by: Dick Lee
    Book by: Stephen Clark and Dick Lee
    Lyrics by: Stephen Clark
    Idea developed by: Stephen Clark, Dick Lee and Steven Dexter
    Director:, Steven Dexter
    Music Director: Sydney Tan
    Music Arranger: Bang Wenfu
    Choreographer: Nick Winston
    Original Staging: George Chan
    Set Designer: Francis O'Connor
    Costume Designer: Yang Derong
    Lighting Designer: Chris Ellis
    Sound Designer: Mike Walker
    Vocal Coach: Amanda Colliver
    Hair & Accessories Designer: Ashley Lim
    Make-up Designer: Elaine Lee

  • Man of Letters



    Man of Letters

    Presented by SRT's Stage Two
    University Cultural Centre Hall,NUS
    Inspired by From a Doctor's Diary by Arthur Lim
    18 - 21 May 2006

    A lovelorn hero, a beauty of her time and a dashing hothead are the central characters of this bittersweet musical set during the political unrest of 1950's Singapore. Fuelled by passionate letters, a love triangle ensues between three undergraduates amidst the search for identity and self-esteem. Above all, will true love prevail?

    Cast: George Chan, Neo Swee Lin, Lim Kay Siu, Robin Goh, Emma Yong, Celine Rosa Tan, Gani Abdul Karim, Samantha Foo, Roseo Jose Rosales, Zoe Christian. 

    Ensemble: Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie, Jacqueline Pereira, Eleanor Tan, Mary Ann Lu, Elena Yeo, Ramkumar Kabetha Bai, Audrey Luo, Isabella Chiam, Seong Hui Xuan, Kaylen Chan, Luke Kwek, Filomar Tariao, Andrew Lua, Daniel Lim, Andrew Keegan, Justin Kan, Jonathan Lum, Lee Jin Li, Varian Lim, Gordon Choy. 

    Creative Team:
    Director: Darren Yap
    Writer: Jean Tay
    Music and Lyrics: Dick Lee
    Costume Designer: Yang Derong
    Set Designer: Sebastian Chun
    Lighting Designer: Yo Shao Ann


  • The Candlestickmaker and Krishnan's Dairy


    The Candlestickmaker and Krishnan's Dairy

    Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre
    Indian Ink Theatre Company
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    2 - 14 May 2006

    The Candlestickmaker:

    Discover black holes and the formula for happiness in a tribute to Nobel Prize winning astrophysicist, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar. A young NZ Indian student, Lonely Planet guidebook in hand, sets off to discover India and finds himself trapped in the gravity of a collapsing household. Help is at hand from a one eyed uncle, a 300 year old cook and a duck. A play that reveals the mysteries of the universe and the value of a good red fish curry.

    Krishnan's Dairy:

    Gobi and Zina Krishnan have come to New Zealand in search of a better life. They work hard and keep their dreams stacked on the shelves of their struggling business - Krishnan's Dairy. A love story unfolds behind the counter with hilarious and tragic consequences for the hopeful, vulnerable lives of this immigrant shopkeeper and his wife; you'll never look at your dairy the same way again.

    Cast: Jacob Rajan

    Creative Team:
    Written by: Jacob Rajan and Justin Lewis (The Candlestickmaker), Jacob Rajan (Krishnan's Dairy)
    Directed by: Justin Lewis
    Designed by: John Verryt
    Lighting Design: Paul O'Brien and Cathy Knowsley (The Candlestickmaker), Helen Todd, Anthony Hodgson and Cathy Knowsley (Krishnan's Dairy)
    Sound Design by: Justin Lewis, Jacob Rajan, Craig Lee and David Ward (The Candlestickmaker) Justin Lewis, Jacob Rajan, Conrad Weddeand David Ward (Krishnan's Dairy)
    Technical Management: Cathy Knowsley

  • The Candlestickmaker and Krishnan's Dairy


    The Candlestickmaker and Krishnan's Dairy



  • The Dresser


    The Dresser

    Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    29 Jun - 16 Jul 2006

    It is 1942, World War II. Bombs are raining down from the sky and the lights are going out all over the city. But for Sir, the ageing actor-manager of a struggling Shakespearean theatre group, the show must go on. Despite suffering from burn out and sheer exhaustion, he is adamant on staging the 227th performance of King Lear. As Sir's rollercoaster emotions reduce him from a haughty thespian to a quivering wreck, it is up to loyal dresser Norman to hold it all together.

    Devoted for the past 16 years to the brilliant but tyrannical head of the company whom he both worships and loathes, Norman must help with Sir's make up, massage his ego, remind him of his lines and even provide the sound effects for storm scenes. The Dresser is based loosely on the life of one of England's greatest Shakespearean actors, Sir Donald Wolfit, for whom Harwood was a dresser for five years.

    Cast: Adrian Pang, Susan Tordoff, Pamela Oei, Michael Corbidge, Wong Ping Ping, Gerald Chew, Ashraf Safdar, Jared Kok and Anton Chan.

    Creative Team:
    Written by: Ronald Harwood
    Director: Tracie Pang
    Set Designer: Sebastian Zeng
    Lighting Designer: Yo Shao Ann
    Sound Designer: Darren Ng
    Costume Designer: Yang Derong
    Hair Design: Ashley Lim
    Stage Manager: Derrick Chew

  • The Gingerbread Man



    The Gingerbread Man

    A play for 3-8 year-olds

    Presented by SRT's The Little Company
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    18 Nov - 10 Dec 2006

    Herr Von Cuckoo - the cuckoo in the cuckoo clock, Salt and Pepper live on a kitchen dresser. On the shelf inside the teapot resides The Old Bag, an elderly, short-tempered tea bag who keeps to herself. Herr Von Cuckoo's sore throat is spoiling his "cuckoos" and he needs to recover his voice quickly before he lands up in the dustbin. The Gingerbread Man, freshly baked by the Big Ones, decides to help Herr Von Cuckoo by asking The Old Bag for her herbal remedy. He has to overcome the nasty temper of The Old Bag while, at the same time, trying to escape being eaten by the villainous yet timid Sleek the Mouse. Witness how the Gingerbread Man and his friends come together to overcome challenges, to help Herr Von Cuckoo gets his voice back.

    Cast: Shane Mardjuki, Leigh McDonald, Jacqueline Pereira, Dwayne Tan, Josephine Tan, Bernd Windhofer

    Creative Team:
    Playwright: David Wood
    Co-Directors: Michael Corbidge and Tracie Pang
    Set and Costume Design: LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts
    Lighting Designer: Yo Shao Ann
    Sound Designer and Music Advisor: Darren Ng
    Music Arranger: August Lum
    Stage Manager: Grace Low





  • The Selfish Giant



    The Selfish Giant

    A play for 3- 8 year-olds

    Presented by SRT's The Little Company
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    5 - 30 July 2006

    All the children enjoy playing in the Giant's beautiful garden after school, but when the Giant returns from his holiday, he decides to keep the children out by building a high wall around it. Along with the children, his actions also keep the beautiful flowers, the chirping birds and warm sunshine out. Only the snow, the rain and the cold manage to get in. It is only when the Giant meets the small boy who somehow finds his way into the garden, that he realises the error of his ways, and the snow begins to melt.

    Cast: Matt Jasper, Kiat Sing and Shane Mardjuki.

    Creative Team:
    Playwright: Oscar Wilde
    Director: Mark Waite
    Set Designer: Sebastian Zeng
    Lighting Designer: Yo Shao Ann
    Sound Designer: Darren Ng
    Stage Manager: Luke Kwek





  • The Sound Collector



    The Sound Collector

    A play for 2-7 year olds.

    Presented by SRT's The Little Company
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    2 - 26 Mar 2006

    Mary likes to live her own noisy and untidy kind of life, something her friend Rose doesn't. One day, when Mary has a bad cold, Rose kindly helps her out with the shopping. Whilst she is out, Mary has a little nap and a strange and mysterious visitor enters her room. It is the Sound Collector, who not only steals many of the sounds Mary loves so dearly, but also her snores.

    Cast: Leigh McDonald, Celine Rosa Tan

    Creative Team:
    Written By: Roger McGough
    Director: Tracie Pang
    Set Designer: Mohamad Hazig
    Lighting Designer: Yo Shao Ann
    Sound Designer: Darren Ng
    Stage Manager: Grace Low






  • The SRT Theatre Ball 2006 - Gods and Godesses

    godsandgoddesess4 November 2006, The Ritz-Carlton

    On November 4th 2006, Breguet presents Gods and Goddesses, The Theatre Ball 2006 by Singapore Repertory Theatre that promises a night of Greco-Roman divine decadence, with the full blessing of Dionysus, the God of wine, fertility and theatre. Indulge in an evening filled with superb cuisine combined with delectable ambrosia and flowing fountains of the favourite bubbly nectar of the Gods.

    "SRT's Theatre Ball is always vibrant in spirit, passionate at heart and spectacular in display. This costume ball is a celebration of theatre coupled with the love and enjoyment of arts and culture." says Mr. Gaurav Kripalani, Artistic Director, Singapore Repertory Theatre.

    For the second consecutive year, Breguet have come on board as the presenting sponsor. "SRT epitomizes performing arts, Breguet watches are pieces of arts! Every watch is laboriously handcrafted by the creative minds and meticulous hands of our very talented watchmakers. Being the presenting sponsor of this fund raising ball is totally apt and pertinent of Breguet's support to perpetuate art", says Cyndy Lim, VP Breguet.

    The 2006 Theatre Ball is co-sponsored by The Hour Glass.

    The 2006 Theatre Ball committee include Celeste Basapa, Olga Iserlis, Shareen Khattar, Dick Lee and Shabnam Melwani-Reis.







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