• Barefoot in the Park



    Barefoot in the Park

    Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    1 - 24 Nov 2001

    Paul, a young, aspiring and at times, stuffy lawyer returns from his honeymoon to find that his quirky bride Corrie, had chosen a tiny over-priced tiny apartment up a wheezing six flights of stairs. It comes complete with a leaking skylight, no heat and a neighbour who regularly wanders through to reach his padlocked loft on the roof. In addition to this an uptight mother-in-law who doesn't approve of anything and you have a situation that is enough to test the patience of any young man!

    Cast: Ade Djajamihardja, Anne Marie Falvey, Jayant Kripalani, Adrian Pang and Sandy Phillips.

    Creative Team:
    Playwright: Neil Simon
    Director: Ian Belton
    Set Designer: Victoria Petrovich
    Lighting Designer: Jose Lopez
    Costume Designer: Valerie Choo
    Stage Manager: Rabita Jamal




  • Red




    Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    7 - 19 Jun 2001

    "A hypnotic new play - RED is a piece of theatre filled with illusions, mysteries, ancient traditions and grand announcements." - Republican-American

    The Singapore Arts Festival is proud to welcome the homecoming of critically acclaimed Singapore - born playwright Chay Yew. Returning home for the first time in eight years, this will be the first time the talented Chay Yew directs Red, coincidentally a play also written by himself back in 1998.

    Based in Los Angeles, the award-winning Chay Yew is ranked among the handful of critically acclaimed Asian-Americans working in theatre in the U.S.A. Hailed by many to be an important voice exploring the Asian identity, Chay Yew has written Porcelain, As if he hears, A language of their own, Wonderland and many others. His work has been produced by many renowned theatre companies in the world, including the New York Shakespeare Festival's Public Theater, Royal Court Theatre (London) and Long Wharf Theatre etc. A recipient of the London Fringe Award and the DramaLogue Award for Best Direction, Chay Yew's directing credits include David Henry Hwang's Golden Child and Alec Mapa's Pointless.

    Red also boasts a stellar cast of Asian-American veteran actors who have diverse experience in stage, TV and film. This outstanding cast list include Emily Kuroda, an actress with more than 40 stage productions to her name and also seen in Warner Brother's Gilmore Girls as Mrs Kim, J. Sakata who will be appearing with Cameron Diaz in an upcoming comedy The Sweetest Thing and Page Leong, whose film and television credits include ER, Felicity and Another 48 Hours.

    Red is about the ghost of a Beijing Opera Star who haunts an abandoned theatre in Shanghai. He is discovered by Sonja Wong Pickford, a famous Asian-American romance writer, whom in turn find herself coming to terms with herself, her art, and her history. An explosive drama exploring the uneasy alliance between propaganda and art, passion and sacrifice, Red is set against the turbulent times of the Cultural Revolution in China and the backdrop of contemporary pulp-fiction America.

    When Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution swept through China, the ancient, glorious art form of the Beijing Opera became a pawn in the dangerous game of new politics versus old traditions. For a man whose life plays out on the stage and a woman caught up in the Revolution, the game will have tragic consequences. Only years later will they realize that art can withstand the blows of history and bonds may prove too strong to be broken.

    Cast: Emily Kuroda, Page Leong and J. Sakata

    Creative Team:
    Playwright and Director: Chay Yew
    Set Designer: Myung Hee Cho
    Lighting Designer: Jose Lopez
    Costume Designer: Anita Yavich
    Sound Designer: Nathan Wong
    Choreography: Dr Chua Soo Pong and Madam Li Xiu Hua
    Stage Manager: Kyle Rudgers



  • Rent




    Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre
    Victoria Theatre
    10 Feb - 3 Mar 2001

    RENT follows one year in the lives of eight young Bohemians.

    Benny is Mark and Roger's former roommate. With the help of his new wealthy father-in-law, Benny has bought the building in which Mark and Roger live, and the lot next door that is inhabited by a group of homeless people. Benny wants to build a high-tech cyber arts studio on the property. Toward the end, he plans to clear the homeless from the lot and evict all the tenants from the building, including Mark and Roger.

    Mark's former lover, Maureen, schedules a performance protest of Benny's scheme for midnight on Christmas Eve, Benny offers a deal to stop her protest, they can stay in the building for free.

    Maureen stages her performance. A riot erupts in the lot, which Mark videotapes. Then Benny padlocks the building, locking out all the tenants.

    On New Year's Eve, Mark, Roger and friends attempt to break back into the building...

    And as the year fades by, love and hope touches and changes the lives of all concerned.

    Cast: Rachel Alejandro, Asha, Richard Chia, Michael De Mesa, Anna Fegi, Brendon Marc, Fernandez Beatrice Gomez, Carlo Ledesma, Jake Macapagal, Calvin Millado, Pam Oei, J M Rodriguez, Gary Sicam, Boyd Tinio and Joel Trinidad.

    Creative Team:
    Playwright: Jonathan Larson
    Director: Bobby Garcia





  • Shakespeare's R & J



    Shakespeare's R & J

    Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    3 - 18 May 2001

    At the plot level, the production centers around four school boys, who decide to vary their very governed lives.

    They discover a copy of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and mostly for laughs, they start reading the parts aloud. After a short while they become the parts of the play. Although they have been taking turns playing all the parts, two eventually emerge playing Romeo and Juliet exclusively, bringing a whole new dimension to the proceedings.

    In the process the four boys discover that the play's themes provide a means by which they can explore their own experiences as part of growing up. At another level, Calarco's overall design has the intent of giving the audience an opportunity to discover aspects of the play that may never have occurred to them before.

    Cast: Chua Enlai, Rehaan Engineer, Brendon Marc Fernandez and Joel Trinidad

    Creative Team:
    Playwright: Joe Calarco
    Director: Tony Petito


  • The White Road



    The White Road

    Presented by SRT's The Young co.
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    19 - 22 Jul 2001

    Fairy Tales are not just for children…. piles of guts, heaps of breasts and the heads of young women litter the bloody chamber of Mr. Fox. Take a walk down The White Road and taste the darkness found only in nightmares. Be Bold, Be Bold, but not too Bold.

    Based on Neil Gaiman’s (the brilliant mind behind The Sandman series) The White Road, the play is a surreal fairytale surfeit with beasts, vengeful fathers, comely maidens and a castle with a dark, dark secret.

    Drawn from the story of Bluebeard, The White Road leads a young woman down the path of innocence towards her seductive lover’s castle, who may not be whom he seems to be…or is he? Filled with more Machiavellian plotting then an episode of Survivor, it is a struggle to outwit, outplay and outlast, as the players engage in psychological battle for supremacy.

    Cast: Boo, Carolyn Ang, Chong Shuying, Chrstie Chua, Brendon Marc Fernandez, Joseph Giri, Eliza Goh, Cheryl Ho, Grace Lam, Vanessa Lam, Jonathan Lum, Mo Jing Jing, Diana Natalie, Adelina Ong, Daren Tan, Marianne Tan, Terence Tay, Carol Anne Tong, Melissa Wong. 

    Creative Team:
    Artistic Director/Director: Wendy Ng
    Company Manager: Diana Natalie
    Production Manager: Paul Tan
    Lighting Designer: Jeffrey Tan
    Sound Designer: Joseph Glrl
    Set Designer: Hella Chan
    Costume Designer: Betty
    Graphic Designer: Boo


  • They're Playing our Song (Manila)



    They're Playing our Song (Manila)

    Presented by Singapore Repetory Theatre
    AFP Theatre, Camp Aguinaldo
    20 Jun - 21 Jul 2000

    Successful popular songwriter, Vernon Gersch, meets with a new collaborator, lyricist Sonia Walsk, in his Central Park West apartment. A bit reserved himself, Vernon is quickly knocked for a loop by the human dynamo that is Sonia, as she simultaneously manifests hero worship for Vernon, while seriously eroding his self-confidence with off-handed criticism of his works. It's sort of fair though, for Vernon has already declared his appreciation of her lyrics - well, of one of her titles, actually!

    While their individual quirks and neuroses seem to feed their creativity, their interpersonal communication is riddled with contradictions. The fact that Sonia has an ex, Leon (never seen by the audience), who keeps popping up on the telephone at the most inconvenient moments, doesn't help her relationship with Vernon. They can't seem to agree about anythingut they do make beautiful music together. Can they stop arguing long enough to fall in love?

    Cast: Adrian Pang and Lea Salonga.

    Creative Team:
    Playwright: Neil Simon
    Director: Steven Dexter
    Music by: Marvin Hamlisch
    Lyrics by: Carole Bayer Sager




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