• ART (2016)

    Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre

    1 Sep - 1 Oct 2016

    National Gallery Singapore, City Hall Chamber

    The friendship of three men is turned upside down when one of them buys an expensive piece of modern art – a white canvas crossed by barely visible lines. Serge buys the painting but Marc hates it, and Yvan is caught in the middle between his two friends. This contemporary comedy about friendship, creativity and the complexities of human relationships has become one of the most successful plays ever written. Featuring Gerald Chew, Lim Yu-Beng and Remesh Panicker. 

    Yasmina Reza’s play, ART, premiered at the Comédie des Champs-Elysées in Paris in 1994. It was translated into English by Christopher Hampton (Dangerous Liaisons) and has since been performed around the world, winning numerous awards including the Tony Award for Best Play (USA), the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Play (UK) and the Molière Award for Best Play (France). Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) staged the first production in Asia in 1998 to sold-out houses.

    This time, to give our audience a unique theatrical experience, SRT will restage ART at the National Gallery Singapore in the iconic City Hall Chamber – an experience not to be missed!

    Cast:Gerald Chew, Lim Yu-Beng, Remesh Panicker

    Creative Team:
    Playwright: Yasmina Reza
    Director: Danny Yeo
    Translator: Christopher Hampton
    Set Designer: Haziq Surajan
    Lighting Designer: Petrina Dawn Tan
    Sound Designer: Jeffrey Yue
    Stage Manager: Geraldine Ang





  • Charlotte's Web

    Presented by SRT's The Little Company
    28 Oct - 11 Dec 2016
    KC Arts Centre - Home of SRT 

    Audiences were entangled in the enchanting story of a pig named Wilbur and his friendship with a barn spider named Charlotte. 

    To avoid Wilbur being sent to the butcher, Charlotte proves to be a true friend by coming to his rescue. Come watch how Charlotte uses her web-spinning skills to weave messages that praise Wilbur, making him a celebrated pig treasured by the farmer and his family.

    The Children’s Literature Association named Charlotte’s Web “the best American children’s book of the past two hundred years”. Joseph Robinette, working with the advice of E.B. White, has created a play that captures this work in a thrilling theatrical presentation.

    Charlotte’s Web is a poignant play that spins a positive message about friendship. Experience this timeless story with the entire family!

    Recommended for 4 year-olds and above!

    Cast: Ann Lek, Sharda Harrison, Ethel Yep, Matheus Ting, Dwayne Lau, Ivan Chan, Ng Yu Lin, Ali Anwar.

    Creative Team: 

    Co-Directors: Ellis Kerkhoven and Kate Golledge
    Composer: LAI (Lupus Ab Intra)
    Production Designer: James Button
    Lighting Designer: James Tan
    Sound Designer: Jeffrey Yue - Ctrl Fre@k





  • Disgraced

    Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre

    16 Nov - 9 Dec 2016

    KC Arts Centre - Home of SRT

    Located in a spacious Upper East Side apartment in New York, Amir has worked hard to achieve the American Dream. With South Asian Muslim roots, he has gone on to become a successful lawyer, has a beautiful American wife and even a wardrobe of $600 custom-tailored shirts. 

    But when Amir hosts a dinner party for his African American colleague and her Jewish husband, the initially pleasant evening erupts into a volatile argument over race, religion and class in the modern world.

    Set in post 9/11 America, Disgraced, a Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Ayad Akhtar takes you on an “entertaining and thought-provoking” (USA Today) journey.

    Cast: Ghafir Akbar, Jennifer Coombs, LaNisa Frederick, Daniel Jenkins and Gaurav Kripalani.

    Creative Team: 
    Playwright: Ayad Akhtar
    Director: Nate Silver
    Lighting Designer: James Tan
    Sound Designer: Jeffrey Yue
    Fight Choreographer: Lim Yu-Beng

    R(18) Mature Themes



  • Hanuman – The Superhero Monkey

    Hanuman – The Superhero Monkey
    Presented by SRT's The Little Company
    1 Apr - 30 Apr 2016

    Meet Hanuman – the superhero monkey, who destroys monsters, defeats evil kings and restores order to the world. Follow his journey, part cartoon, part film, part musical and part physical theatre, into a land of myth, mystery and many adventures. SRT’s The Little Company presents this original multimedia and highly visual theatre, created in collaboration with the UK’s Imitating the Dog, who bring their unique theatre style to this epic tale adapted from the Ramayana, and featuring music by Soumik Datta, one of the biggest new music talents in UK.

    Watch worlds and landscapes change in the blink of an eye and witness the extraordinary feats of Hanuman and his cheeky band of monkey friends as they battle to create a better world.

    Suitable for children and adults, this multi-sensory theatre experience is a superhero journey unlike anything seen before in Singapore.

    Cast: Fazli Bin Ahmad, Zachary Ibrahim, Sean Lai, Jo Tan, Millicent Wong. 

    Creative Team:
    Co-Writers and Directors: Peter Brooks and Andrew Quick
    Composer: Soumik Datta
    Production Designer: Barney George
    Video Designer: Simon Wainwright
    Lighting Designer: Gabriel Chan
    Sound Designer: Jeffrey Yue - Ctrl Fre@k
    Fight Choreographer: Gordon Choy



  • Shakespeare in the Park – Romeo & Juliet

    Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre

    27 Apr - 23 May 2016
    Fort Canning Park

    “For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo."

    Brought to you by the company that has captivated thousands each year with its successful productions of The Tempest, The Merchant of Venice, Othello, Twelfth Night, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Much Ado About Nothing.

    Spread your picnic blanket under the stars and relish the greatest love story ever told - Romeo & Juliet.

    Romeo & Juliet is a tale of sweet forbidden love, a bitter family feud and a timeless romance eternally sealed with a kiss. Revel in the chance to witness this classic romance brought from page to stage by an amazing cast at Shakespeare in the Park.

    Directed by internationally renowned director, Daniel Slater, Shakespeare in the Park promises to be the outdoor cultural event of the year.

    Cast: Riccardo Cartelli, Benjamin Chow, Edward Choy, Brendon Fernandez, David Gooderson, Daniel Jenkins, Jo Kukatas, Mitchell Lagos, William Landsman, Shane Mardjuki, Victoria Mintey, Thomas Pang, Ramesh Panicker, Ali Shewring, Cheryl Tan, Timothy Wan. 

    Creative Team:
    Director: Daniel Slater
    Set Designer: Francis O'Connor
    Costume Designer: Moe Kasim
    Lighting Designer: Gabriel Chan
    Sound Designer: Jeffrey Yue - Ctrl Fre@k
    Composer: Ruth Ling
    Choreographer: Gordon Choy






  • The Intergalactic Ball

    27 Feb 2016, The South Beach

    The Theatre Ball by Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) maintained its reputation as the party of the year yet again. The stunning ballroom at The South Beach played host to The Intergalactic Ball created by Olga Iserlis and the SRT Team. Guests were dressed “Out of this World” for a journey through space, all in the name of charity.
    The evening kicked off with a video greeting by George Takei, the original Sulu from Star Trek, who was “beamed in” to thank the guests for supporting SRT. As the evening progressed, the Men in Black, joined Superman, Chewbacca and a host of aliens and space heroes, who hit the dance floor till the wee hours.
    Other highlights of the ball included former Miss Singapore, Rachel Kum, winning the prize for Best Dressed with her risqué, alien body painted suit; while Queen Amidala and Thor lead the MasterCard table in winning Best Dressed Table for the evening.
    Amazing priceless auction items and experiences from supporters like Audi and MasterCard, also helped ensure that SRT met its fundraising goal for the evening. As a non-profit organisation, such fundraisers are core to supporting SRT’s productions and programmes for the year.









  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Mandarin)


    The Three Billy Goats Gruff 三只山羊
    Presented by SRT's The Little Company
    18 - 25 Feb 2016
    KC Arts Centre - Home of SRT

    Following a hugely successful English production in 2015, The Little Company is proud to present the Mandarin version of The Three Billy Goats Gruff, an entertaining musical that is bound to be unforgettable.

    The Three Billy Goats Gruff (affectionately known as "Big", "Middle", and "Baby") are a close-knit bunch who graze happily together with their caretaker, Little Bo-Frilly. But one day, it dawns on them that they are in the middle of a horrible drought. As the grounds turn a dreadful shade of brown, they're slowly but surely running out food.

    Unfortunately, as the gang decides to cross the bridge to the other side of the valley for survival, they will have to take on a frightening troll that - gulp - loves to feast on goats!

    Cast: Trey Ho, Ann Lek, Ric Liu, Yvonne Low, Oliver Pang and understudies Xavier Kang and Shirley Sim. 

    Creative Team:
    Composer: George Stiles
    Book and Lyrics/ Director: Anthony Drewe
    Chinese Adaptors: Danny Yeo, Zhang Lesheng
    Associate Director: Alvin Chiam
    Choreographer: Ewan Jones
    Musical Director: Joanne Ho 
    Music Arranger: Ruth Ling - Red Roof Records 
    Production Designer: Francis O'Connor 
    Lighting Designer: Gabriel Chan
    Sound Designer: Jeffrey Yue - Ctrl Fre@k








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