• ART (2002)




    Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    1 - 24 August 2002

    Art focuses on the friendship between three men. Their relationships are turned upside down when one of them buys an expensive piece of modern art - a white canvas crossed by barely visible lines. Serge buys the painting but Marc hates it, and Yvan is caught in the middle between his two friends.

    Cast: Remesh Panicker, Donald Li and Philip Moon

    Creative team:
    Playwright: Yasmina Reza
    Translation: Christopher Hampton
    Director: Tony Petito
    Set & Costume Designer: Philip Engleheart
    Lighting Designer: Scott Pinkney



  • Baby Love



    Baby Love

    A play for 2 - 6 year olds by Carrey English

    Presented by SRT's The Little Company
    DBs Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    29 Jun - 1 Sep 2002

    Harry is puzzled...
    A little suitcase has arrived with tiny clothes in it - 'I can't fit into those!' A tiny cage bed on wheels -'I can't sleep in that!' A huge stork in the garden... Now that really is strange.

    A new baby arrives and turns life upside down for a certain little person. Transported from the sublime pleasure of being the constant centre of attention through the scary chaos of change, Harry discovers the pain and delight of becoming a big brother who eventually loves his baby sister. An excursion info the egocentric world of the very young- child presented in a warm and intimate performance style, with wonderful visuals, comedy and audience participation.

    Cast: Chio Su-Ping, Sean Yeo

    Creative Team:
    Director: Guy Holland
    Playwright: Carey English
    Designer: Philip Engleheart
    Composers: Steve Byrne & Etuko Furukawa
    Set Designer: Philip Engleheart
    Lighting Designer: Tracie Pang
    Costumes: Jewel 
    Music Director: Philip Tan
    Production Manager: Tracie Pang
    Stage Manager: Rabita Jamal

    "Gales of laughter herald this feelgood show for three to six year-olds" - Times Educational Supplement (UK)





  • Christmas And The Gargoyle Who Wouldn't Say Thank You



    Christmas And The Gargoyle Who Wouldn't Say Thank You

    A play for all ages by Jack Kurtz

    Presented by SRT's The Little Company
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    9 Nov - 22 Dec 2002

    Mean “gargoyle” Magruder spends a great deal of time deploring children, especially the boys who play on his property. At Christmas time, Timmy, along with his grandmother, decides to give the Gargoyle a gift. Mr. Magruder never thanks Timmy, but we know this profound action will change his way of life forever.

    This is a great show for teaching children the joy of Christmas spirit.

    Cast: Chua Enlai, Alemay Fernandez, Debra Stych, Daren Tan.

    Creative Team:
    Directors: Wendy Ng and Tracie Pang
    Set and Costume Designer: Toh Lin
    Lighting Designer: Yo Shao Ann
    Stage Manager: Cheryl Ho




  • Double Takes



    Double Takes

    Presented by SRT's The Young Co.
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    15 - 19 Oct 2002

    The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man : in-the-Moon Marigolds the-Moon Marigolds

    The play examines the home life of two teenage girls living with their bitter and self-destructive mother. The story begins to unfold when Tillie, the youngest daughter, experiments with the effect of radiation on plants for a science fair competition.

    Cast: Nadia Daeng, Grace Huang, Grace Lam, Vanessa Lam and Coral Anne Tong.

    Creative Team:
    Playwright: Paul Zindel
    Director: Adelina Ong

    Tom & Jerry

    Tom and Jerry are two aggressive hit-men who work for the Syndicate, Tom being a mentor to Jerry, the young rookie. However, deep down in their hearts, Tom and Jerry are just like the rest of us - human beings trying to live in a world full of challenges.

    Cast: Bang, Kartik Menon and Daren Tan.

    Creative Team:
    Playwright: Rick Cleveland
    Directors: Christian Huber and Wendy Ng

    Fringe Performances:

    Cast: Carolyn Ang, Carolyn Fu, Spencer Hsu, Windson Liong, Roger Poon, Josephine Tan, Tong Wei May and Kymn Yee.

    Creative Team:
    Directors: Wendy Ng and Peggy Ferroa

    Post-show entertainment at BarCelona

    Performers: Carolyn Ang, Vanessa Lam, Windson Liong, Daren Tan and Josephine Tan.

    Creative team Overall:
    Directors: Wendy Ng, Christian Huber and Adelina Ong.
    Speech Coach: Peggy Ferora
    Set Designer: Sebastian Zeng
    Lightning Designer: Suven Chan
    Sound Designer: Jason Ong



  • Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress


    Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress

    Presented by Singapore Repetory Theatre
    Esplanade Theatre                    
    17 - 19 Oct 2002

    Empress Dowager Tzu Hsi - adored, revered, feared and hated. The life of one of the most controversial figures in Chinese history is explored in Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress. Starring the dynamic Singapore singer/actress Kit Chan as Tzu Hsi, this musical features the creative talents of Olivier award-winning lyricist Stephen Clark, London-based director Steven Dexter and Singapore composer Dick Lee.

    Just who is the real Tzu Hsi? A young concubine scheming for survival and love amidst the political intrigue of the Forbidden City rises to become Empress, only to end her days as an aging Dowager fearing for her safety.

    What of her relationships with the men in her life? Three Emperors, the powerful head Eunuch and a journalist all feature in her fascinating story as seen through the eyes of an American artist, who was the first Westerner invited to China to paint her portrait.

    All vividly brought to life with a stirring score and sumptuous costumes designed by London-based Singapore designer Yang Derong. Don't miss the world premiere of this new Singapore musical that promises to be a feast for the senses!

    Cast: Kit Chan, Richard Chia, Hal Fowler,Robin Goh, Blossom Lam, Hossan Leong, Leigh McDonald, Adrian Pang, Oliver Pang,
    Sng Tiak, Darren Seah, Darius Tan, Dwayne Tan, Isaac Tan, Michael Too and Emma Yong.

    Ensemble: Amy Cheng, Paerin Choa, Daniela Edward, Rommel S Gerona, Karen Goh, Juwanda Hassim, Cynthia Lee, Jee Lee, Jasmine Liew, Jonathan Lum, Cheryl Miles, Akidah Rahman,Skye, Quek Li Huan and Nicholas Yew.

    Creative Team:
    Music by: Dick Lee
    Book by: Stephen Clark and Dick Lee
    Lyrics by: Stephen Clark
    Idea development: Stephen Clark, Steven Dexter and Dick Lee
    Director: Steven Dexter
    Musical Director: Sydney Tan
    Choreographer: George Chan
    Set Designer: Francis O' Connor
    Costume Designer: Yang Derong
    Lighting Designer: Chris Ellis
    Sound Designer: Mike Walker
    Hair and Accessories Designer: Ashley Lim
    Stage Manager: Anna Jordahl

  • Honk!




    Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre
    Victoria Theatre
    23 Apr - 17 May 2002

    Ugly is born a duckling, but it soon becomes clear that he is no ordinary Duck. Mocked on the farmyard and pursued by the ever-hungry Cat, Ugly finds himself lost on a nearby marsh in the middle of a frightening duck-shoot and embarks on an odyssey through the countryside, meeting a battery of colourful characters and finding himself, and love, along the way.

    Cast: Robert Almodovar, Chari Arespacochaga, Caleb Goh, Robin Goh, Juwanda Hassim, Ria Jones, Hossan Leong, Luz Lor, Lisa Romero, Troy Sussman, David Tan, Sebastian Tan, Melissa Wansin Wong, Emma Yong, Mariah Zainal

    Musicians: Daniel Chai, Danny Lim, Eddie Teo, Fabian Lim and Lim Yong

    Creative Team:
    Music by: George Stiles
    Book and Lyrics: Anthony Drewe
    Director: Anthony Drewe
    Production Designer: Peter McKintosh
    Lighting Designer: Jeff Croiter
    Choreographer: Stephen Mear
    Musical Director: Brad Haak
    Sound Designer: Mike Walker
    Stage Manager: Melanie Tan




  • Prosepero's Children



    Prosepero's Children

    A play for everyone over the age of 7 by Robin Kingsland

    Presented by SRT's The Little Company
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    29 Jun - 1 Sept 2002

    Home -idyllic tropical isle, blue skies, leafy palms, deserted sandy beaches. But Miranda has had enough. "I'm so bored I'm sick of it all!" Dad is a distant figure, his nose stuck in a book - always ready to use a magic spell to make up for his failings as a parent; Ariel is invisible - which is a bit of a problem when it comes to playing games- and Caliban, well, Caliban has the bad-tempered insecurity you would expect from someone who is a bit of a monster. Then a thunderstorm appears out of a bright blue sky, a ship is wrecked upon the rocks, and life begins to get a little bit more interesting.

    An exciting and adventurous new play based on Shakespeare's The Tempest, Prospero's Children is less about love and politics and more about the trials and tribulations of growing up. Retaining all of Shakespeare's story-telling magic and with a strong sense of fun, Prospero's Children takes a fresh and modern look at that age-old problem - What do you do when a half-drowned royal prince washes up on your favourite beach?

    Cast: Serene Chen, Chua Enlai, Karen Tan, Keagan Kang, Christian Lee, Adelina Ong.

    Creative Team:
    Director: Guy Holland
    Playwright: Robin Kingsland
    Designer: Philip Engleheart
    Lighting Designer: Brad Bowyer
    Music Director: Philip Tan
    Production Manager: Tracie Pang
    Original Dramaturgy: Guy Holland
    Stage Manager: Rabita Jamal

    "A play that raises so many questions it demands to be talked about afterwards... superb" - The Guardian





  • re:MIX




    Presented by SRT's The Young Co
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    5 - 20 Jan 2002


    A girl's night out at a local club turns into a series of plot twists and stunning revelations in this coming-of-age tale about 3 girls - Alice, Michelle and JoJo. Unknown to them, Alice's boyfriend Kelvin and his friend Jason have decided to come to the same club for the same purpose - to score.

    A series of coincidence and rather comic situations culminate in an explosive finale as the protagonist grows up in the most unexpected way. With a generous dose of humour and packed with great music, "re:mix" captures the pulse of the night clubbing scene in Singapore today.

    Cast: Amelia, Juwanda, Carolyn Ang, Alvin Ee, Vanessa Fernandez, John Lee, David Tan and Melissa Wong.

    Ensemble: Rodney Alder, Boo, Chong Shu Ying Cheryl Ho, Coral, Grace Lam, Vanessa Lam, Emeric Lau, Mitchell Leow, Diana Natalie, Danny Neo, Daren Tan, Marianne Tan and Ferris Yeo.

    Creative Team:
    Playwright: Dick Lee, CheeK and Paul Tan
    Directors: Dick Lee and Wendy Ng
    Composer: Dick Lee
    Choreographer: Misha
    Music Director: John Lee
    Set Designer: Paul Tan
    Costume Designer: Audrey Fegen 
    Lighting Designer: Tracy Pang 



  • SRT Gala 2002 - A weekend in the South-Pacific

    southpacific4 - 5 May 2002 The Beaufort, Sentosa

    SRT's Gala 2002 was themed around an escape into the South Pacific and was extra special with a weekend stay at the gorgeous The Beaufort Singapore, Sentosa.

    With a guest list featuring the Who's Who of Singapore, the weekend escape started with guests checking-in at the hotel in the afternoon, followed by a pampering spa clinic. Nokia, the Presenting Sponsor of this event, hosted phone spas for the guests, golfing sessions and pocket events with the guests.

    Early evening, as the sun was setting, cocktails were served by the poolside. The gala dinner commenced with a synchronized swimming performance in the pool as guests indulged in specially created dishes of the South Pacific. The entertainment continued with performances by international singer Helen Evans, Dick Lee and The Young Co.

    After dinner, guests danced to big-band sounds and salsa late into the night. After all the vibrancy of the night, guests retired to their rooms at the Beaufort. The following morning, breakfast was served before guests bid farewell to a truly memorable weekend escape.







  • The Theatre Ball by SRT 2002 - Carnevale di Venezia!

    srtball2002carnevale300x40016 Nov 2002

    With the inauguration of The Theatre Ball, SRT is adding another level of entertainment to Singapore's cultural landscape. A costumed ball and an annual tradition, we hope to give revelers a chance to put on a costume and let loose with the celebrations.

    This year's Theatre Ball was called Carnevale di Venezia, themed around the Venetian carnival in Italy, which is undoubtedly the most famous masquerade ball of all time.

    Corum Swiss Timpieces was the Presenting Sponsor and the night kicked off with a showcase of Corum's watches. Guests turned up in full force, all decked out in their best Venetian costumes and beautiful masks.

    Sketches and scenes reminiscent of the Commedia dell'Arte, serenades and popular Italian melodies performed by Dick Lee, stilt-walkers, acrobats and scrumptious Italian fare all led to an amazing night that was the talk of the town.







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