• Bear and Chicken Get Ready for School



    Bear and Chicken Get Ready for School

    A new tale featuring the lovable characters from Bear and Chicken Go Camping

    Presented by SRT's The Little Company
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    4 March - 10 April 2010

    Bear and Chicken are back! They are getting ready to go to a new school. But moving from their familiar school to a new one is scary. Together Bear and Chicken decide to join the Circus. Wouldn't it be fun to be the circus clown, acrobat or even the lion tamer?

    What entails is a charming discovery that not all lessons in life are learnt in a classroom and perhaps the circus isn't all fun and games after all. This play illustrates how sometimes our fears can be blown out of proportion but with a good friend at your side; you can overcome a potentially daunting situation like the first day of school. Perhaps school can even be fun!

    Bear and Chicken Get Ready for Schoolis the third of a highly successful original series that began with When I Grow Up and Bear and Chicken Go Camping. You'll get to meet the lovable Bear in his circus costumes, and Chicken who is all set for school!

    Recommended for 2-6 year-olds.

    Cast: Hatta Said and Amanda Tee

    Creative Team:
    Playwright: Katerina Tiapula
    Director: Michael Corbidge
    Set Designer: Nichalos Li
    Lighting Designer: Andy Lim (stage “LIVE”)
    Sound Designer and Composer: Ruth Ling
    Costume Designer: Chan Silei


  • Blackbird



    Presented by SRT
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    16 Sep - 2 Oct 2010

    Former lovers Una and Ray meet face-to-face for the first time in 15 years. A chance picture in a magazine has led her back to him. But is it for answers, reconciliation or revenge?

    What follows is a tightly-plotted series of twists and turns that will have you at the edge of your seat. Wielding words like a scalpel, Harrower peels away the layers to expose the conflicting emotions that lie at the core of our human hearts.

    From the time of Adam and Eve, we have been fascinated by that which is forbidden - and nothing more so than forbidden love. Blackbird mixes guilt, desire and bitterness into a potent brew that will be unlike anything you have seen before on stage, in the tradition of Lolita, or even more recently An Education.

    Scottish playwright David Harrower has written a riveting play about a sexual relationship that transforms, paralyses and destroys the lives of both the parties involved. A modern day love story ? or is it? This gripping psychodrama makes you question the very nature of love. As with every country in which it has been performed, you will be talking about the controversy it generates for days after watching it.

    A Laurence Olivier Award winner for 'Best Play' in 2007.

    Cast: Emma Yong and Daniel Jenkins

    Creative Team:
    Writer: David Harrower
    Director: Tracie Pang
    Set designer: Nicholas Li
    Lighting Designer: Lim Woan Wen
    Sound designer: Darren Ng


  • Fried Rice Paradise - The Musical



    Fried Rice Paradise - The Musical

    Produced by SRT's Stage Two
    Presented by The People's Association
    In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of People's Association
    Esplanade Theatre
    20 Aug - 12 Sep 2010

    Fried Rice Paradise - The Musicalwritten by Dick Lee, returns totally up-sized with a brand new story, catchy songs and a star-studded cast. One thing that remains unchanged is that you will have a great time at this musical and find yourself singing to the famous lines of "Fried Rice Paradise, Nasi Goreng very nice..." by the end of the evening!

    With an award-winning creative team and a cast that features Singapore's leading stage and singing talents such as the first Singapore Idol - Taufik Batisah, Alemay Fernandez (Beauty World), Lim Yu Beng (Singapore Dreaming), the legendary Rahimah Rahim, Candice de Rozario (Much Ado About Nothing), Hatta Said (Jeritan Sepi), Darius Tan (Beauty and the Beast), Denise Tan (Beauty World), Sebastian Tan (Broadway Beng) and Amanda Tee, Fried Rice Paradise promises to resonate with Singaporeans young and old.

    This heart-warming true blue Singaporean musical filled with romance, humour and thrilling drama is the must-see musical in 2010!

    Taufik Batisah, Alemay Fernandez, Lim Yu Beng, Rahimah Rahim, Candice de Rozario, Hatta Said, Darius Tan, Denise Tan, Sebastian Tan and Amanda Tee.

    Eden Ang, Zarinah Bahtiar, Michel Cruz, Andy Cai, Elinor Coulson, Marcus Foo, Gianti Giadi, Francesca Harriman, Farhan Hassan, Kay Lee, Andrew Lua, Joshua Lim, Nur Ateeqah, Oliver Pang, Jacqueline Pereira, Kluane Saunders, Fariz Spears, Bibiana Tan, Celine Rosa Tan and Rebecca Yeo.

    Creative Team:
    Book, Music and Lyrics: Dick Lee
    Director: Steven Dexter
    Musical Director: Iskandar Ismail
    Set Designer: Francis O' Connor
    Costume Designer: Lai Chan
    Lighting Designer: Mac Chan
    Sound Designer: Mike Walker
    Projection Designer: Andrzej Goulding
    Choreographer: Jeffrey Tan
    Hair Designer: Ashley Lim


  • Pinocchio - The Musical



    Pinocchio - The Musical

    Jointly presented by SRT's Stage Two and MediaCorp VizPro International
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    4 Nov - 12 Dec 2010

    "This puppet is going to be something special...the best I've ever created", thought Gepetto. And thus begins the magical journey of Pinocchio as he is brought to life with the help of the Blue Fairy.

    Singapore Repertory Theatre's Stage Two and MediaCorp VizPro International, proudly present a musical adaptation of one of the most popular children's stories, which will be given an Asian twist. With an award-winning creative team from Asia, Australia and the UK, audiences will be in for a visual and theatrical treat this holiday season.

    Join Pinocchio in his adventures through a lively marionette theatre, an enchanting Funland and even the belly of a whale, as he learns what it means to be human. Along the way, he meets a whole range of colourful characters - the wise old cricket, Fox and Cat, the conniving pair of villains, naughty schoolboys, and of course the beautiful Blue Fairy.

    This heartwarming musical highlights the importance of telling the truth, being brave and unconditional love. It is a must-see for young and old. Recommended for 4 year-olds and above.

    Cast: Joanna Ampil, Kaeng Chan, Gerald Chew, Bright Ong, Dayah Rahim, Dwayne Tan, Filomar C. Tariao, Amanda Tee

    Creative Team:
    Director: Darren Yap
    Writer: Jean Tay
    Composer and Musical Director: David Shrubsole
    Production Designer: Matthew Mccall
    Choreographer: Gianti Giadi
    Hair Designer: Ashley Lim
    Puppetry Creation: Graeme Haddon
    Lighting Designer: Andy Lim
    Sound Designer: Jeffery Yue


  • The Bridge Project - The Tempest



    The Bridge Project - The Tempest

    Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre
    Esplanade Theatre
    2 - 10 Apr 2010


    The Bridge Projectlaunched its inaugural season at BAM in 2010with an outstanding ensemble of American and British actors in Shakespeare?s The Winter's Tale and Tom Stoppard's adaptation of The Cherry Orchard. Following its successful debut in New York, the critically-acclaimed company, led by Tony and Academy Award-winning director Sam Mendes (Broadway's Cabaret, and the films American Beauty and Revolutionary Road), embarked on a world tour, delighting audiences in cities including Singapore, Madrid, Auckland, Athens, and London.

    Year two of The Bridge Project promises another stellar transatlantic lineup and an intriguing pairing of two Shakespeare plays as Mendes and company explore outcasts, power, and magical lands with their world premiering productions of the comedy The Tempest, considered to be Shakespeare's last play.

    Cast: Ashlie Atkinson, Jenni Barber, Michelle Beck, Edward Bennett, Stephen Bentley-Klein, Christian Camargo, Stephen Dillane, Alvin Epstein, Jonathon Lincoln Fried, Richard Hansell, Ron Cephas Jones, Aaron Khron, Anthony O'Donnell, Juliet Rylance, Thomas Sadoski, Shane Shanahan, Michael Thomas and Ross Waiton.

    Creative Team:
    Director: Sam Mendes
    Set designer: Tom Piper
    Costume designer: Catherine Zuber
    Lighting designer: Paul Pyant
    Sound designer: Simon Baker for Autograph
    Composer: Mark Bennett
    Fight directr: Rick Sordelet
    Music coordinator: Curtis Moore
    Musical director: Stephen Bentley-Klein
    Choreographer: Josh Prince

    Hair & Wig design by Tom Watson
    Casting by Nancy Piccione and Maggie Lunn
    Photo credits: Joan Marcus





  • The SRT Theatre Ball 2010 - Colourmania


    colourmania300x40026 February 2010, Helu-Trans

    Fortune Cookie Projects brought in the celebrated graffiti artist Daze for an exhibition of his work. Helutrans and Fortune Cookie Projects have agreed to sponsor the space for a pre-opening event for SRT.

    Daze was one of the first artists to elevate graffiti into a collectable art form, and has exhibited at galleries all around the world, including the Grand Palais in Paris and the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York.  His work has been collected by the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Tate Gallery in London and by private collectors, including Eric Clapton and Madonna.

    Music was by Deejay Dave, food sponsored by Marmalade, plenty to drink, and Daze’s stunning artwork as a back-drop, we had 400 people dancing till dawn.

    The theme was COLORMANIA and the dress-code COLORblind.















  • Upstairs in the Sky



    Upstairs in the Sky

    A tale about friendship, adventure and creativity

    Presented by SRT's The Little Company
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
    5 Aug - 11 Sep 2010

    Upstairs in the Sky is a story of adventure, friendship and loss. Two delivery people arrive with a box addressed to the audience - a Make-It-Yourself Story Kit! At first they can't agree on what story to tell.

    With the audiences help they take us on an imaginary journey up a tall, tall tower to a beautiful magical cloudscape. Their story of Princess Veronica and her search for grandfather King Jim is a gentle, heart-warming reassurance of family love.

    Enriching creativity through open-ended play: The show is performed with open ended play materials - boxes, cloths, tubes and household objects which the children can play with after the show. When children play with things that have no prescribed play value they stretch their imaginations and share their ideas with other children in order for the 'playing' to continue.

    Recommended for 3 - 6 year-olds.

    Cast: Andy Hockley and Karina Sindicich

    Creative Team:
    Playwright: Carey English
    Playwright/Original Director and Set Designer: Guy Holland
    Director: Daniel Jenkins
    Composer/Musical Director: Rob Lee
    Singapore Set Designer: Suan Gee Tan
    Lighting Designer: James Tan

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