Technical Specifications

Click here for a AutoCAD drawing of the stage (dwf file, 21kB)

You will need the plug-in from AutoDesk to view. Get it here.


Possible Seating Configurations & Capacity

With all the seating in place, this is a 380 seat theatre. The first two rows of seats in the auditiorium are removable for extension of stage depth. Total of nineteen (19) seats from Row A and nineteen (19) seats from Row B. Additional Sound Console brought in by hirer can be placed at Row Q/6-12. That position will take up six (6) seats of the ticket sales.

Loading area

Access is from Merbau Road directly behind UE Square. Please be advised that parking at the side of the loading area is at your own risk.

Venue Specifications

Proscenium Dimensions
Height     4.79 metre
Width 9.23 metre
Width of Proscenium 1.85 metre
Auditorium to Stage Height    1.03 metre
Height of Stage to Grid 7.78 metre
Stage Dimensions
Stage Edge to Back Wall
5.50 metre
Stage Edge to Back Door
7.68 metre
Stage Edge to Staircase Wall
5.56 metre (Upstage Left)
Stage Left to Stage Right Wall
12.93 metre
Lighting Gallery
Height of Stage to LX Gallery
5.57 metre
Width of Lighting Gallery
0.94 metre
Side Masking Track to Wall 1.30 metre
Side Stage Horizontal Bar
Stage Floor to Upper
4.05 metre (Stage Left)
Length of Upper Bar 5.34 metre (Stage Left)
Stage Floor to Lower 2.55 metre (Stage Left)
Length of Lower Bar 5.34 metre (Stage Left)
Stage Floor to Upper 4.13 metre (Stage Right)
Length of Upper Bar 4.76 metre (Stage Right)
Stage Floor to Lower 2.53 metre (Stage Right)
Length of Lower Bar 4.76 metre (Stage Right)
Upstage Left Staircase
Lower Ceiling to Stage Floor 2.50 metre
Edge to Upstage Wall 2.18 metre
Width of Staircase 1.28 metre
Air-con Duct to Floor 2.64 metre
Door Width
Stage Left Door 0.90 metre (W) 2.08 metre (L)
Stage Right Door 0.92 metre (W) 2.16 metre (L)
Loading Door (CS) 1.70 metre (W) 2.83 metre (L)

Rigging Specifications

Length of each fly-bar (batten) 9.5 metre
Eight (8) Motorised fly-bars
Maximum height 6.5 metre
Minimum height 1.3 metre
Five (5) Non-Motorised fly bars                                                        
Height (Dead Rig) 6.5 metre
Length of House Draperies
Black House Border 9.5 metre (L) 2.0 metre (W)
Black House Legs 5.0 metre (L) 1.3 metre (W)

*The suspension of any equipment is subject to prior approval.


Control DMX 512
Console ETC GIO
House & Work Light Separate dimming system
Stage Left dimmers on Fly Gallery                                            

Down Stage Box C

(H91-H108) 2.5KW
Centre Stage Box D
(H109-H124) 2.5KW
(H193-H194) 5KW 
Up Stage Box E
(H125-H140) 2.5 KW
(H195-H197) 5KW
Stage Left dimmers on Deck Up Stage Box K
(H165-H172) 2.5KW
(H199-H201) 5KW
Down Stage Box H
(H149-H164) 2.5KW
Stage Right dimmers on Fly Gallery Down Stage Box F
(H131-H144) 2.5KW
Up Stage Box G
(H145-H148) 2.5KW
(H198) 5KW
Stage Right dimmers on Deck Up Stage Box M
(H181-H188) 2.5KW
(H202-H204) 5KW
Down Stage Box J
H149-H164) 2.5KW
Up Stage dimmers on Deck Centre Stage Box L
(H173-H180) 2.5KW
Connectors Type 15 Amp


Additional power connections to isolators are subject to inspection by an LEW (Live Electrical Worker). Hirers are advised to give ample set-up time for the rigging of lighting fixtures and plotting of lighting cues. Local Power Supply 230 Volt Single Phase, 50 Hz.


Lighting Inventory (Subject to changes)

Robe DL7S Profile 07
ETC Source 4 LED S2 lustr (engine only) 35
ETC Source 4 LED fresnell adapter 08
ETC Source 4 LED CYC adapter 08
ETC Source 4 10 degree 06
19 degree 08
26 degree 16
36 degree 12
50 degree 10
Coemar 650W Fresnel 6 inch 04
Coemar 1000/1200W Fresnel 8 inch 08
Desisti Cyclorama Flood 1250W 10
Desisti Ground Row 1250W 10
Par 64 (CP61) Narrow 40
Par 64 (CP62) Medium 40



Barn doors and Irises are available provided that hirers must give ample notice for us to prepare.

Colour Filter

We only have Lee filters range from number 100 until 300 and limited amount of filters. We advise hirer to bring in own colour gels. Filters will be charged if hirers request to cut the filters into irregular shapes.

Additional Equipment

Special additional equipment that the hirers wish to have can be arranged and will be charged separately.


Allen & Heath DLIVE S5000 with dante interface          1 unit
Allen & Heath DM-48 1 unit
Allen & Heath DX-32 (24in-8out) 1 unit
Allen & Heath i-live T-112 1 unit
Opus XS 134 crossover 3 units
Opus HD2500/2500 1 unit
Opus HD1250/500 4 units
Opus HD500/500 1 unit
BSS Mini Driver Cross Over (fds 334) 1 unit
Yamaha P3200 Power Amplifier (400w 8 ohm) 6 units
Numark CD Player cdn 22 1 unit (Twin Deck)
Belt Pack Clear com 5 units
P I Pro ms 440 main clear com 1 unit
Opus T925 (Main lower pros speakers) 2 units
Opus T950 (Main upper pros speakers) 2 units
Opus sub T115 2 units
Opus M300 (Front fills) 2 units
Opus M300 (Stall delay) 2 units
Tannoy Speaker T12 4 units
Tannoy Speaker I6 (Stage Monitor) 2 units
Tannoy Sub T40 2 units
Kling & Freitag (CS-5) 6 units
PCC Crown 160 Microphone 2 units
Shure SM 58 Microphone 3 units
Male 24 Channel Snake Cable 3 units
Female 24 Channel Snake Cable 3 units
Microphone Stand 3 units

Items that are for Rental

Audio Equipment
1. Lapel Microphones
2. Condenser Microphones
3. Instruments Microphones
4. Rostrum Microphones
Projection Equipment
1. Projector
2. Projector Screen (Fastfold Screen)
Lighting Equipment
1. Haze Machine
2. Smoke Machine
3. Fog Machine
4. Dry-Ice Machine
5. Cue-Lights
6. Strobe Lights
1. Rostrum
2. Hydraulic Riser

Current & Upcoming Productions


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