Technical Specifications


Click here for a AutoCAD drawing of the stage (dwf file, 21kB)

You will need the plug-in from AutoDesk to view. Get it here.

Sound Equipment

Allen & Heath i-live T-112 1 unit
Opus XS 134 crossover 3 units
Opus HD2500/2500 1 unit

Opus HD1250/500   

4 units
Opus HD500/500      
1 unit
BSS Mini Driver Cross Over (fds 334)          
1 unit
Yamaha P3200 Power Ampifier (400w 8 ohm)
6 units
Sony MD Player mds s1   
1 unit
Sony MD Player mds b5
1 unit
Numark CD Player cdn 22   
1 unit (Twin deck)
Belt Pack Clear com   
5 units
P l Pro ms 440 main clear com
1 unit
Opus T925 (Main lower pros speakers)
2 units
Opus T950 (Main upper pros speakers)
2 units
Opus sub T115
2 units
Opus M300(Front fills)   
2 units
Opus M300(Stall delay)
2 units
Tannoy Speaker T12
4 units
Tannoy Speaker I6 (Stage Monitor)
2 units
Tannoy Sub T40   
2 units
Kling & Freitag  CS-5
8 units
PCC Crown 160 Microphone 2 units
Shure SM 58 Microphone   
3 units
Male 24 Channel Snake Cable
3 units
Female 24 Channel Snake Cable
3 units
Mircophone Stand   
3 units

Lighting Equipment

Description Type Quantity Remarks
Control DMX 512 01  
Strand 520i    
House & Work Light   
Separate dimming system

Stage Left dimmers on Fly Gallery
Down Stage Box C
(H91 – H108) 2.5KW

(H109 – H124) 2.5KW
(H193 – H194) 5KW

Up Stage Box E
(H125 – H140) 2.5KW
(H195 – H197) 5KW   

Stage Left dimmers on Deck
Up Stage Box K
(H165 – H172) 2.5KW
(H199 – H201) 5KW

10° ETC Source 4 4  
19° ETC Source 4 8  
26° ETC Source 4 16  
36° ETC Source 4 12  
50° ETC Source 4 8  
Gobo Holder ETC Source 4 10 Size B
Drop-In Iris ETC Source 4 10  
650W Coemar Zenith 6  
1200W Coemar Tocco 8  
2000W ECoemar Segno 4  
Cyclorama Floodlights      
1250W Desisti Giotto 12  
1250W Desisti Duccio 12  
1000W CP61 PAR 64 40  
1000W CP62 PAR 64 40  

Stage Dimensions

Height: 4.79m
Width: 9.23m
Auditorium to Stage Height: 1.03m
Height of Stage to Grid: 7.78m
Depth of Stage  
Stage Edge to Back Wall: 5.509m
Stage Edge to Back Door: 7.68m
Stage Width: 12.6m
Height of Stage to Lighting Gallery: 5.33m
Height of Stage to Air Con Duct: 2.62m
Door Width  
Stage Left Door: 0.95m (W) 2.13m (H)
Stage Right Door: 0.97m (W) 2.21m (H)
Loading Door (CS): 1.75m (W) 2.88m (H)
Staircase Wall Dimension



Current & Upcoming Productions


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