Upstairs in the Sky

4 - 12 Nov 2017 

Ang Mo Kio Public Library, Central Public Library, Jurong Regional Library and Tampines Regional Library

A tale of friendship, adventure and creativity.

SRT will be bringing back Upstairs in the Sky, a unique theatrical and learning experience for young children aged 3 to 6. The performance explores major aspects of a small child’s life – friendship and sharing, creativity and collaboration, coming to terms with bereavement and separation, all presented in a warm and intimate style. As well as being a learning tool to culture creativity at a young age, Upstairs in the Sky is particularly relevant for children who are facing challenges in life such as the loss of loved ones.

This performance will be staged for free in selected libraries around the island. A number of charities serving children from less privileged homes will be invited to see the Upstairs in the Sky at SRT – KC Arts Centre. Workshops for the caregivers and facilitators of these charities are offered on a complimentary basis too for a deeper impact al made possible with the support of the Lee Kuan Yew Fund For Bilingualism.

Having seen the positive impact that an early introduction to theatre has on children, and building on the enormous success of their children’s entertainment programme, engagement with the community is a key focus area for SRT to help make a difference in young people’s lives. 

Admission is free but registration is required via library e-Kiosks or GoLibrary http://www.nlb.gov.sg/golibrary.

4 November 2017
11.30am to 12.30pm
Ang Mo Kio Public Library
Programme Zone

5 November 2017
12.30pm – 1.30pm
3.30pm – 4.30pm
Central Public Library
My Treehouse Library Stage area

11 November 2017
Jurong Regional Library
Programme Zone

12 November 2017
12.30pm – 1.30pm
Tampines Regional Library
Programme Zone





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