blackandwhitekevinspacey21 Nov 2011, St Regis Hotel

Each time SRT has brought in the leaders in their fields, whether it be world class performers Ian McKellen, Ethan Hawke, Lea Salonga or Shabana Azmi, or acclaimed directors Steven Dexter and Nikolai Foster, SRT has organised master-classes and workshops for theatre students and industry professionals to learn from and work with the best in the world.

In support of our efforts, Kevin has very kindly agreed to be the Guest-of-Honour at SRT’s first benefit dinner to raise funds to support these initiatives on November 21st at the St Regis Hotel.

“Over the course of my career, I've been fortunate enough to have success as a stage and screen actor, running the film production company, Triggerstreet, and as Artistic Director of one of the world's best-loved theatres - London's Old Vic.

Jack Lemmon had a phrase that he used all the time, that I've now adopted as my own.
He believed that if you've been successful in your chosen path, then 'sending the elevator back down' is your obligation.

That's why I've set up The Kevin Spacey Foundation to support young actors, writers, directors and producers with the passion and potential to succeed in the competitive worlds of film and theatre. We'll be offering a range of creative opportunities to help emerging artists reach their full potential, including workshops, masterclasses and special events led by industry professionals.

I'd love you to help me keep the elevator moving, and in good working order, so that we can bring along as many passengers as possible.” - Kevin Spacey

Each year, over 45,000 children attend SRT’s The Little Company and main-stage productions, 40 students are enrolled in our two-year SRT’s The Young Co. acting training programme, workshops are held during holidays and master-classes are held in schools.

Education is a central pillar of what SRT does. We are deeply passionate about inculcating a love for the arts in the next generation, and believe that theatre has the power to educate and engage our youth to become creative thinkers and inspired citizens. We work closely with educators from kindergartens to universities to ensure that our children's shows especially have a strong pedagogical foundation.

If a two year old is hooked when they see a show by The Little Company, they will be hooked for life.







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