Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre
Jubilee Hall Raffles Hotel
20 - 24 Oct 1994

George and Martha are a couple living in mordant uproarious antagonism. Martha, the daughter of the president of the college where George teaches, cannot forgive her husband's failure to be a success like her father. He can't abide her brutal bluntness and drive. Married for over 20 years, they claw away at each other like jungle beasts.

In the dark hours after a campus party, the couple are joined by another pair who have been to the party: a new, young and opportunistic biology instructor, who has just been introduced to the rat race, and his shatteringly naive wife whom he married for her money and because of what turned out to be a "hysterical pregnancy".

Cast: Gerald Chew, Nancy Kwan, Dana Lee and Cindy Sim.

Creative Team:
Written by: Edward Albee
Director: Joe Slowik
Set Designer: Nels Anderson
Costume Designer: Lisa Anquetil
Lighting Designer: Lito Borromeo
Production Manager: Michelle Yeo
Stage Manager: Selena Tan



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