Baby Love

A play for 2 - 6 year olds by Carrey English

Presented by SRT's The Little Company
DBs Arts Centre - Home of SRT
29 Jun - 1 Sep 2002

Harry is puzzled...
A little suitcase has arrived with tiny clothes in it - 'I can't fit into those!' A tiny cage bed on wheels -'I can't sleep in that!' A huge stork in the garden... Now that really is strange.

A new baby arrives and turns life upside down for a certain little person. Transported from the sublime pleasure of being the constant centre of attention through the scary chaos of change, Harry discovers the pain and delight of becoming a big brother who eventually loves his baby sister. An excursion info the egocentric world of the very young- child presented in a warm and intimate performance style, with wonderful visuals, comedy and audience participation.

Cast: Chio Su-Ping, Sean Yeo

Creative Team:
Director: Guy Holland
Playwright: Carey English
Designer: Philip Engleheart
Composers: Steve Byrne & Etuko Furukawa
Set Designer: Philip Engleheart
Lighting Designer: Tracie Pang
Costumes: Jewel 
Music Director: Philip Tan
Production Manager: Tracie Pang
Stage Manager: Rabita Jamal

"Gales of laughter herald this feelgood show for three to six year-olds" - Times Educational Supplement (UK)





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