Double Takes

Presented by SRT's The Young Co.
DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
15 - 19 Oct 2002

The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man : in-the-Moon Marigolds the-Moon Marigolds

The play examines the home life of two teenage girls living with their bitter and self-destructive mother. The story begins to unfold when Tillie, the youngest daughter, experiments with the effect of radiation on plants for a science fair competition.

Cast: Nadia Daeng, Grace Huang, Grace Lam, Vanessa Lam and Coral Anne Tong.

Creative Team:
Playwright: Paul Zindel
Director: Adelina Ong

Tom & Jerry

Tom and Jerry are two aggressive hit-men who work for the Syndicate, Tom being a mentor to Jerry, the young rookie. However, deep down in their hearts, Tom and Jerry are just like the rest of us - human beings trying to live in a world full of challenges.

Cast: Bang, Kartik Menon and Daren Tan.

Creative Team:
Playwright: Rick Cleveland
Directors: Christian Huber and Wendy Ng

Fringe Performances:

Cast: Carolyn Ang, Carolyn Fu, Spencer Hsu, Windson Liong, Roger Poon, Josephine Tan, Tong Wei May and Kymn Yee.

Creative Team:
Directors: Wendy Ng and Peggy Ferroa

Post-show entertainment at BarCelona

Performers: Carolyn Ang, Vanessa Lam, Windson Liong, Daren Tan and Josephine Tan.

Creative team Overall:
Directors: Wendy Ng, Christian Huber and Adelina Ong.
Speech Coach: Peggy Ferora
Set Designer: Sebastian Zeng
Lightning Designer: Suven Chan
Sound Designer: Jason Ong



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