Presented by SRT's The Young Co.
DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
31 Aug - 1 Sep 2004

Johnathan Harker sets out on a business trip to Transylvania leaving his fiancee; Mina counting the days until his return. The events that follow merge their lives with that of Count Dracula, whose diabolical passions prey upon the innocent, the helpless and the beautiful.

Cast: Anton Chan, Jacqueline Chow, Brandon Ho, Kate Howden, Luke Kwek, Brian Liau, Mariel Reyes, Elizabeth Tan, Leslie Tan, Josephine Tan, Serene Tan, Tan Shou Chen, Sarah Tiapula-Stien and Tong Wei May.

Creative Team:
Writer: Liz Lochead
Director: Mark Waite
Assistant Director: Carina Hales
Stage Manager: Carina Hales
Lighting Designer: Thio Lay Hoon
Sound Designer: Annabel Ling


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